Ya’ax Che Spa

Mexico is considered a top spa destination for travelers, and the Mexican Caribbean − also known as Cancún and the Riviera Maya − is a favorite spa destination in Mexico. Sunset World supports this distinction with its world class resort spa, featuring traditional services and regional treatments inspired by the natural healing practices of the indigenous Mayan Indians.

The Maya viewed the Ceiba tree (ya’ax ché) as sacred. With its tall trunk, long branches, and deep roots, it was considered the tree of life. Their respect for nature inspired the creation of Ya’ax Ché Spa, which incorporates their natural restorative methods. Based on the Mayan belief in man’s connection to nature, spa treatments focus on reestablishing wellness through a combination of traditional and regional techniques that reconnect the body, mind, and spirit with nature.

Identifying that mankind is connected to everything − other people, nature, and the universe − the Mayans sensed that pain resulted from an imbalance or break in this connection. Ya’ax Ché Spa services concentrate on restoring balance via balancing therapies, signature rituals, facials, massages, hand/foot/body treatments, and more. Select spa locations include hydrotherapy areas, a spa boutique, beauty salon, fitness center, and a Mesoamerican cleansing ritual called Temazcal.

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