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Technicolor Fabrics Offers Concert in Cancún

As part of their tour in southeastern México, the band Technicolor Fabrics offered a cocktail event at the Sunset Royal Beach Resort on Saturday, June 2 at 5:00 pm and gave interviews to the media announcing new musical projects and details about their concert in Cancún.

Described as the “band that will save the indie scene in México” according to Filter Magazine (Los Angeles), the group from Guadalajara gave the best of their musical repertoire at the Irish Pub in Cancún at 9:00 pm, right after the press conference, in an event organized by, a travel agency that specializes in universities and student tourism.

Technicolor Fabrics is a Mexican band with a strong musical message and they have participated in important forums and festivals like “Vive Latino”. Formed in 2007, the members of the group are Juan Pablo Corcuera (vocals and guitar), Joaquín Martínez Negrete (bass guitar), Raúl Cabrera (synthesizer), and Abraham López (drums). The band has a distinctive sound that lets simple rhythmic combinations capture the attention of the audience.

Their album “Run… The Sun is Burning All Your Hopes” was produced by Jorge Siddartha -former drummer of Zoé and long time friend of Abraham-, under the record label Bubler Sound. This is a 10 track album that includes Render, Frequency, Clouds, Colorblind and an extra song called Todo, their first single in Spanish.


Concert press passes and free tickets were handed out by a local radio station after the press conference.

 in Cancun

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