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Bilin Bilin Cup VII Held in Cancún with the Participation of 12 of The Best Teams in México

Cancún hosted the Bilin Bilin Cup VII, a Hobie Cat 16 class sailboat race which was held off the beaches of the Ocean Spa Hotel. 12 of the best Mexican teams in the sport competed.

The race, which was held for the third year in a row at this Sunset World hotel, was attended by teams from Quintana Roo, Yucatan, the state of Mexico and the Federal District, Jalisco and Puebla. The 12 teams competed for first place in two different categories.

In Category A, the first place winners were Armando Noriega Jr. and Emma Fuentes, while second place went to Ernesto Reader and Alexandra Matienzo and third place to Gerardo Isoard and Armando Noriega.


The winners of the Category B were Erick Lerch and Fernando Ramos, in second place, Arturo and Marco Silva and third place went to Mario Villanueva and Oscar Vela.

The award ceremony was led by the Brand and Communications Director of Sunset World, Annie Arroyo, who thanked the participants for their enthusiasm and their help in making this competition one of the most important in Mexico.

The Bilin Bilin Cup, backed by the Mexican Sailing Federation and the Mexican Association of Hobie Cat Class Sailboats, attracts sailors from all over Mexico and Latin America. Last year 16 teams came from Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and Guatemala, including the North American champion and four teams that represented their countries in the Pan American Games in Guadalajara last year.

The event lasted three days and consisted of between 3 and 5 daily competitions depending on wind characteristics. Each race is held within a route marked with buoys and the sailboat that completes the route in the least amount of time wins. The Hobie Cat 16 is a catamaran sailboat (two hulls) that is 16 feet (5 meters) long. Each has two sails and a team of two people.

Finally, the organizing committee composed of Germain Saavedra, Jokin Luisa, and Andrea Martinez de Luisa, Imanol Luisa and Annie Arroyo de Luisa, thanked the Ocean Spa Hotel and the Arroyo family for being excellent hosts of the Bilin Bilin Cup VII, and extended an invitation for even more teams to join the competition in 2013.

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