Energy Efficiency Program
Progress made from August to December 2015




We are glad to inform you that, as part of the MGM Innova and Sunset World Energy Efficiency Program, the implementation stage of energy saver systems and equipment was completed in November 2015 thus the benefits will start showing on the first trimester of 2016. These benefits include saving energy and a positive impact in our carbon footprint and they influence not only Sunset World and its members but also to society and the environment in general.

AT SUNSET WORLD, our aim is to use resources responsibly, to use water rationally and to take care of the flora and fauna. We are passionate about taking care of every detail and surpassing expectations. We believe fervently in leaving a legacy for future generations. Quite aware about our responsibility for the surroundings we operate in, we dedicate our greatest efforts to environmental preservation. We know that the key to long term success is to care for the balance of the environment while economic prosperity is promoted.
We are sustainable, we are green.


Energy management is doing more with the same amount of energy or, even better, with less, thus saving resources and making it possible for any construction to be more comfortable, healthier and safer.

Energy efficiency is achieved through the use of technology so less energy is required for the same function.

Tourism has a great impact on the environment and it is urgent to take action in order to counteract pollution and climate changes. At Sunset World, our purpose is to do our bit as any improvement in energy efficiency contributes to taking us as close to having a zero carbon footprint as possible thus slowing down damages to our planet.


  • Less use of energy thus less expense
  • Greater comfort and safety while we act responsibly with the environment and the planet we call home and which we must care for
  • Less pollution
  • An improved economy
  • An increase in the guarantee we are looking for that future generations will have the necessary energy to live

Average distribution of energy by type of service in hotels in Mexico. Temperate region

Source: National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy (CONUEE)

Inside a hotel, the distribution of energy by type of service is one of the main issues to take into consideration because in the services that use up the greatest amount of energy is where the implementation of energy saving techniques can have the best results.

This chart clearly shows that in Mexico´s hotels the use of energy is distributed as follows: 60% for air conditioning, 20% for lighting, 11% for other uses and the last 9% is distributed in refrigeration, laundry and elevators in an even 3% each. In our efforts, we aim to tackle each one of the basic issues and measure their use, search for ways to make changes in each one and then compare the before and after a few months after it all begins.

Saving in air conditioners can be achieved through improvements in construction with better isolation protecting against the sun such as blinds, curtains, sunshades or trees that block the rays of the sun. However, when we talk about improving or increasing the efficiency of what already exists, 20% or more energy can be saved having better control systems, ways of programming equipment,

heat or movement sensors and inverters that adapt the speed of a compressor to the needs of every moment thus only the necessary energy is used and there is no energy wasted, which improves efficiency without affecting guest comfort. The changes made in our hotels aim to achieve the correct operation and implementation of equipment and the installment of proper control systems.

As far as lighting is concerned it is estimated that a reduction of 30 to 50% of the electricity used can be achieved by using high efficiency components, control systems and the integration of natural light.

At Sunset World we are working to make the use of the energy necessary for the operation of any hotel more efficient and, once 100% of the monitoring equipment has been installed, and in order to identify the performance of consumption and demand of electric charges, chillers as well as gas meters that gauge the consumption of water heaters, the equipment to make the necessary improvements is being installed, with commitment dates between April and June. The following progress has been made:


As seen in the chart, the equipment that installed at the resorts is precisely to make the use of energy more efficient in regards to lighting and air conditioners as well as in water heating in certain cases.

The lamps being installed are LEDS which improve the efficiency in the use of energy. As an example: a regular lightbulb of 850 lumens has a life span of 1,000 hours using 60 watts while a LED of 850 lumens has a life span of 25,000 hours and uses 12 watts.

The water cooling units, chilled water generators or chillers are the ideal solution for the required improvements needed for air conditioner efficiency, this equipment has the advantage of transporting chilled water to the A/C control equipment from any distance needed with the right pumps.

The thermostats are installed for the control of air conditioners in rooms.

Fan & Coils are vertical or horizontal chilled water air conditioning units.

Solar thermal collectors to heat water are the way to drastically reduce the use of fuel to provide hot water to rooms and other areas of the hotel.

The heaters are in the roof of the resort and they are made of black copper micro-pipes that absorb the radiation from the sun, water runs through them and is heated to 131º F, stored, and finally distributed.

At Sunset World we spare no efforts to leave a legacy for future generations. Sunset World Resorts & Vacation Experiences signed an agreement with MGM Sustainable Energy Fund, managed by MGM Innova Capital to develop an energy efficiency project aimed at turning Sunset World into a zero carbon footprint company through a more efficient use of energy and implementing sustainable systems such as inverter air conditioning, LED lamps, solar water heaters and other measures aiming at change and the protection of the environment.

This agreement only brings great benefits to our members, our environment and our society, it comes at no cost to our members: funds come from companies in highly industrialized countries such as Europe, USA and Japan that are environmentally responsible and aware of the need to maintain the existing resources in little exploited or virgin areas of the planet thus preserving the lungs of the world.

Having a zero carbon footprint means removing from the atmosphere as much carbon dioxide as the amount we give off, thus contributing to revert global warming.

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